52 *Blindness of Love : yazan khalili

Blindness of Love (2013)
this project was produced as part of /S:in/ festival 2013
curated by Lara Khaldi and Reem Shilleh

A flickering, frame by frame video, showing one long sentence word by word in a fast rhythm.
This project is based on photos that were exposed to excess light, leaving a whiteness that witnesses the details of a disappeared love, prompting the question, ‘how does one regard the pain of the self?’.

How do I look at the pain that infected us when we parted hastily at a small cafe near a tree that observed us like a silent camera witnessing your sadness that tainted me when I told you that you can’t be in my life stretched like a ray of light from the sun to the blackness of my eyes that are blinded with love every time I see you walking returning approaching me like a photograph of a landscape appearing slowly in the detailed whiteness of a grim vertical sky akin to a cement wall unfurling from the landscape of a dry untouchable image to the landscape of your alienating face invisible to a deep painful pain for an image of a wall that reminds me of nostalgia burning all the images that contain you as excess of light burning my sight and insight hiding the details of a life scattered in the folds of this infinite question that i have been running towards since light penetrated my insides… hesitant, adrift, scared… how do i look at my pain?